Doing Time

Battle Mediocrity
Make It Happen
Pursue Health
Choose Trust
Take The Low Place
Build Alignment

Something For Everyone

Something for Everyone

Christmas Eve at Connexus

Christmas Eve at Connexus - 2015

The Perfect Christmas

The Perfect Christmas

Be Rich 2015

Be Rich - 2015


Ghost Stories
Need a Miracle
Resident Evil
Satan Unmasked
Protect Thyself
Touched By An Angel

Three Myths
Own It
Rethink It
Release It

Rubber Soul

Theory of Relativity
Giving In
Giving Up
Giving Over


It's All In Your Mind
Identify Yourself, Please
Excuse Factory
Think Bigger

Ask It

Question Everything
Musical Chairs
Time Over Time
Edged Out
Hold My Hand
The Beginning


Just Push Pray
(My) Thy Kingdom Come
Shopping List
Personal Jesus
When In Doubt... Remember This





The Path Principle
Looking Ahead
Now and Then
Attention Deficit Disorder

How To Be A Hero

I Hate This Part
Plot Twist
It Ain't Over
Be The Hero


Everybody's Included
Everybody's Important
Everybody's Invited


Hope On The Ropes
Reliable Witness
Good God?



Going Public

Going Public

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - 2014

Uncomplicating Christmas

Uncomplicating Christmas

You Are Here

The Most Frustrating Story Of Jesus... Ever.
Hard Hearted
X Factor

Be Rich

Be Rich - Do More, Give More

Future Family

Ideally Speaking
Power Down
Common Cause
All The Fixin's
Our Way. A Way.
The Echo

If You Only Knew

Cover Up
5 Self Destructive Things Everyone Does
Fully Known. Fully Loved.

Label Maker
Get Out, Stay Out & Clean Out
The Secret Sauce
Share the Wealth

Starve The Monster

Friends With The Monster
Overvalued Monster
Little Monsters
Defeat The Monster

Shocking Statements of Jesus

The Shocking Realization
A Shocking Place
A Shocking Relationship
A Shocking Request
A Shocking Reversal

Skeptics Wanted

Can I Really Trust The Bible?
How Can Jesus Be The Only Way To God?
Did Jesus Really Have To Die For My Sin?
How Can Anyone Prove Jesus Rose From The Dead
Doesn't Evolution Disprove Christianity?
How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
Why On Earth Are Christians So Judgmental?
Why Should I be Part of a Church When Christianity has Such a Terrible History?
If God Is Good Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Climate Change

The Forecast
An Unstable Climate
Stormy Weather
Storm Clouds


It's Worse Than You Thought
Now You Know
Staying Dead


Future You
Why Your Dreams Haven't Come True
Never Enough
Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth
How To Find Your Sweet Spot

Trading Up

Trading Up

Surprise Christmas

Never Saw This Coming
Surprise Christmas

Like Jesus

Like a Pharisee
How Low can You Go?
Notebooks Open
Confess and Address

Be Rich

Be Rich

The New Rules For Love, Sex, and Dating

The Right Person Myth
Gentleman's Club
Designer Sex
If I Were You


Practical Teaching
Providential Relationships
Private Disciplines
Personal Ministry
Pivotal Circumstances

The Comparison Trap

The Land of Er
Looking Around
Two Bags Full

Your Big Moment

Just An Ordinary Day
Defining Moment
Big Impact
Me, Myself, and I

Life Apps

Application is Everything
The Forgiveness App
The Confession App
The Rest App
The Trust App
The Encouragement App

On Board

On Board

Going Public

Going Public


Back for You
Anything Goes
Everyone Gets Into Heaven (Except Hitler), Right?
Pure Hell
Tastes Like Chicken
Tales From Beyond
Zombie Apocalypse


Direct And Protect
Why Can't We Be Friends
Flee Baby Flee!
Me and the Mrs.
The Consumption Assumption
Once and For All

Like It Or Love It

You're So Emotional
Love You Forever
Command Performance
Love Actually
My Unfriend
Surprise Ending

This One Thing

This One Thing

White As Snow

When God

When God is Inattentive
When God is Uncooperative
When God is Late

My Bold Story, Your Bold Story
Your Best Moments
A Little More
The Secret to an Inspiring Life

Home Free

Out Of Time
Center of my Universe
We Are Family
Raising Kids of Integrity
Call Me Maybe

Small Is Big

Small is Big

Let The Blames Begin
The Disproportionate Life
This is No Time To Pray
Embrace Your Response Ability


Two Kinds of People
One Kind of God
Situation Critical


Why Your Prayers Don't Work
When to Start (And Stop) Praying
Why Things Don't Change When You Pray

Little Faith Big God

Little Faith
Big Impact
Circumstantial Evidence
Big God

No Excuses Web Small

No Excuses

Let Me Explain