Finances are a major part of the world we live in. There are newspapers and television channels specifically focused on it. Income is one of the first things we ask about at a new job. Economics is even a central cog in determining who we elect to public office. Money is a big deal in our culture! And it’s really nothing new. You might be surprised to know that¬†Jesus¬†actually had a lot to say about how we manage our money, and because of that it’s something we love talking about at Connexus, if only because we’ve seen too many people weighed down by the trappings of debt and bad financial decision making. Perhaps that’s a feeling you know all too well.

The Bible teaches a simple money-map for how we should prioritize the wealth God entrusts to us. Simply put, we ought to:

And as far as giving goes, we believe one place that God would have everyone give is the local church. The church was His invention to spread His message to the world and what you see at Connexus Church is one expression of that.

Connexus is an easy place to give to because every week we see lives being changed as a direct result of faithful giving. It’s really rewarding! The reality is every dollar that you give really does go to creating the kind of church that even the unchurched people of Barrie and Orillia love to attend; the kind of church it’s easy to invite them to! And we rely on the tithes and offerings of our people to help us do everything in our cities that we dream of doing.

We collect an offering on Sunday morning, but many of us have found it easier and more manageable to give online. To give online right now, click here.